The Big Relaunch Project

Beginning in Spring 2022, the RTC’s Big Relaunch Project is an ambitious plan to revitalise the centre and put it firmly at the heart of the local community. The project has four pillars which we will be working towards over the next year. As the RTC is run by trustees on behalf of the local community, we need your support and ideas to help us achieve this.  

The Big Four

Introduce a new range of exciting activities, events and services from which the whole community can benefit.

Restore the existing facilities, win funding for new equipment and maintain the building for the future.

Create a sustainable coalition of support to run the centre, including trustees, staff, volunteers and most importantly regular users.

Produce an ambitious plan for the future to give the centre goals to work towards and ensure a legacy for future generations.

Service Updates: New activities at the RTC, details on our Facebook Page.