Notice of Annual General Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the first Annual General Meeting of RTC Sports will be held at RTC Sports and Leisure Centre Otterburn NE19 1HE at 7pm on Monday 14 September to transact the following business.


1) Reports and accounts

To receive and consider the accounts for the year ended 31 December 2014 and the reports of the charity trustees and independent examiner.

2) Independent examiner

To appoint Marcella Shone as the independent examiner.

3) Appointment of charity trustees (management committee)

To re-appoint the following trustees for a further period of 12 months

·      Mr Andrew Shone·      Mr J Kevin Appleby

·      Mrs Claire Austin

·      Mrs Sandra Austin

·      Mrs Gill Chilvers

·      Mr Andy Lynch

·      Mr Greg Mcconnell·      Mr Brian Robson

·      Mr Stephen Shaw

·      Mrs Lesley White

·      Mrs Cheryl Wilson



Additional nominations for the position of Trustee must be received by 24 August 2015. For further information please contact Gill Chilvers, Company Secretary, on 01830 520535 or

4) Election of Chair and Treasurer

To elect a Chair and Treasurer from amongst the trustees appointed under the previous item

5) Appointment of Company Secretary

To appoint a Company Secretary

6) Any other business

To deal with any matters raised at the meeting.

By order of the Board of charity trustees

Gill Chilvers

Company Secretary

17 August 2015

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