RTC Annual Review

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

It’s been a big year behind the scenes at the RTC, we’ve been working away on our Big Relaunch project and the Big Plan we drafted as part of it. 

We wanted to update you on what we’ve been doing and what you can expect from the RTC next year. 

A lot of this work has been laying the foundations for what we hope will be big and exciting things in 2023 and beyond.

The Big Relaunch

Early this year the RTC launched our Big Relaunch Project, we set out our main aims for relaunching the centre post pandemic and creating a sustainable future. 

The RTC surveyed our local communities and stakeholders to get feedback on what you want from the centre and how it should be managed. The survey will remain open, so please let us know if you have any thoughts. 

Following feedback from our survey, we formulated a plan to cover everything we would be working on over the next couple of years. From recruiting more trustees to launching new activities.

Next year we will be sharing our business plan with the communities we serve. 

We’re also working on a new financial plan to ensure the centre can continue to operate for years to come. 

Buildings and Facilities

As with any building that’s been around a few decades there’s a lot to replace and repair, we’ve been busy;

  • New shelving in the beer store
  • New curtains and tie-backs
  • New toilets, cubicles, sinks, vanity units, mirrors, dispensers, bins and flooring. 
  • All doors painted and locks updated
  • New carpet in the café and corridor 
  • A cleaner’s sink in the caretaker’s store

We’ve also purchased and installed some new equipment;

  • New café style seating 
  • New speakers in the main hall
  • New tables and chairs for activities
  • New signage and poster frames 

One of our rooms has been converted into a hotdesk office, it has new desks, office chairs, flooring, a whiteboard and kettle. It will be open to anyone who wants to rent a place to work. An online booking system will launch next year. 

We will continue working on our plan to make the RTC more environmentally sustainable, insulation has already been installed and we hope to replace our energy and heating system soon.

We have two big projects to work towards funding in the next few years, replacing the roof and restoring the tennis courts. 

A new star cairn has just been installed at the RTC, located across Northumberland these cairns help stargazers locate constellations. 

Activities, Events and Hire

In December we launched our first youth disco skating session. A lot of time and work went into maintaining the skates and installing the new sound system to get ready for the first session. 

Our regular sports and wellbeing sessions have continued. The RTC has hosted Gill’s Low Impact Fitness Class, Tai Chi, Table Tennis, Netball and 5-A-Side Football. 

North Tyne Youth continue to host sessions at the centre every Tuesday and the Kid’s Holiday Club has returned to the centre in the school holidays throughout the year. 

In June we hosted Miscreations Theatre, who built a sleeping giant on our grounds. The company performed for schools and the public. 

The RTC launched it’s bi-annual apple pressing events this year, using our new fruit press. We hope to grow these events for future years.

Trustee Graham is looking to form a group of volunteers to relaunch Rede River Rocks, the centre’s annual music festival which ran before the pandemic. Once this is up and running we hope to bring back the Christmas Party for 2023 too. 

In the last few weeks we have been reviewing the hire packages offered by the RTC, we hope to update the website soon with details of the first batch of new packages, more packages will follow later. 

Next year we hope to launch new community services and activities, expanding our role as a warm hub.


This year we launched our new website, it’s a constant work in progress and we’re improving it all the time. 

The RTC received a grant from Microsoft for a new digital system, this means we have a new file storage system, software and emails all at no cost to the centre. 

Next year we hope to launch a new online booking system for classes, hire and events. 

In 2023 we hope to launch a new concession scheme, ensuring those on low incomes receive discounted rates on activities and gym memberships. 

We’ve set up a new newsletter and will be sending the first email update next year. Sign up to make sure you receive it! 


We’ve been working away on the new gym membership system, we sent out a community survey to ask what you wanted from the gym and we’re processing the feedback from this. The system will launch next year. 

We’ve been reviewing the gym membership levels and pricing, our new scheme will launch next year alongside the new online system. 

Several pieces of equipment in the gym have been replaced with updated models, next year we hope to replace the cross trainer. 

We’ve also filmed a new induction video which alongside the online form will replace the current induction system for all gym members aged 18 or over. It will be available for all gym members to review anytime they need to. 

Staff and Trustees

In the last year three new trustees have joined the RTC – Emily, Peter and Alex. Emily has been revamping the digital systems, Peter has taken on the role of treasurer and Alex has just joined but will be helping us with her professional expertise HR. We hope to recruit more trustees in 2023, please get in touch if you are interested in joining us. 

We’ve been reviewing staff roles at the RTC and are currently working on a funding application for a full time Development Manager to take forward the centre’s new strategy and create a sustainable future. 

As part of the development of new roles and funding applications we’ve been reviewing HR policies to ensure we are a forward thinking employer. 


We’ve drawn up several options for how we can get the Café-Bar open on a regular basis, we will be reviewing these in the new year. 

Service Updates: Multi Sports Holiday Camp 2-4 August and 22-25 August